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Teach the world

As you proceed up the long winding driveway, one immediately gets a glimpse of a large, traditional-looking motherhouse of a religious community. But this is no ordinary motherhouse! Inside the walls of this Mendham, New Jersey complex is the only fully-accredited Sister Formation College in the United States. Even more unique is that its 35 students are women religious from eleven countries all around the world.

The students at ACS exemplify the beauty of unity in diversity. These women, united in their aspirations to live a life of holiness as religious consecrated to God and in service to God’s people, are diverse in background, experience, nationality, race, and the charism of their own specific communities. They bring the rich traditions of their own religious communities and values and the diverse cultures of their native lands, including, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Malawi, the Philippines, Vietnam, and the United States.

After receiving an associates degree from ACS, these women then transfer to another college/university in order to pursue a bachelors degree. Upon graduation, each sister returns to her home country wherein she uses her education to serve the local communities of her native country.

This ministry addresses the concern of the governments of many developing countries, who wish to minimize “brain drain” or “human capital flight” that is, an emigration of trained and talented individuals to other nations, including for reasons due to conflicts, lack of opportunity, health hazards where they are living. Brain drain can occur either when individuals who study abroad and complete their education do not return to their home country, or when individuals educated in their home country emigrate for higher wages or better opportunities. This phenomenon is perhaps most problematic for developing nations, where it is widespread. In these countries, higher education and professional certification are often viewed as the surest path to escape from a troubled economy or difficult political situation.

Learn more about Assumption College for Sisters and how you can help teach the world at http://www.acs350.org/.


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Global Health in Focus

On Tuesday, September 25, 2007 from 1:15 to 2:45 pm, the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See Mission, and its co-sponsors, the Path to Peace Foundation and Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) and the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN),  will host a side event at the opening of the 62nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly entitled:  Global Health in Focus at Holy Family Hall, 315 East 47th Street, (between First and Second Avenues) New York.   This side event will highlight how two world renowned universities located amid the United States are actively working on global health issues. These institutions will provide an overview of the work they are conducting, which ranges from HIV/AIDS testing, to the adoption of a Millennium village in Uganda, to malaria control methods, and to more efficiently providing health care in Africa.  The projects to be discussed include those that could be implemented immediately and those that would serve as models.   In short, but exciting sessions, presenters will identify and discuss an issue;  support the dignity of the human person; describe current best practices; explore new possibilities; and provide a forum for the exchange of experiences across nations and enhanced communication among presenters and participants. More information about the work of the Holy See Mission is available at www.holyseemission.org, the Path to Peace Foundation at www.thepathtopeacefoundation.org, Purdue University at (www.purdue.edu) and University of Notre Dame at (www.nd.edu).

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